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our pricing is both fair and affordable. RL Michigan Garage Door Repair There are no surprises when it comes to our services & pricing.


Our team are high-qualified, educated, and skilled to install & repair your garage door system. The RL Team is trained and up-to-date on all of the latest technologies on the market today.


We accept requests & phone calls 24/7. We offer our customers and community Same Day Service, so you can resolve any problem whenever you need. Our phone is always available for calls and we are always happy to provide our services.


We provide the Best Offers on the most popular products & services, so that you receive the value and integrity of service that you deserve. We guarantee the quality of the work performed and the parts supplied. Both services and manufacturers are the best.

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We put your family first… ensuring that your garage door system functions safely and securely, providing you with the peace of mind that you deserve.

We are proud to offer American Made products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. RL Michigan Garage Door Expert take pride in our community and the Southeast values that are the bedrock on which our company stands.  Each member of the RL Team is part of our family, and that is how we see our customers too.  You are part of our family, and we are proud to serve you and our community.

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Frequently Asked

Your door could be in need of maintenance if you notice any of the following signs:


Your Garage is Colder or Hotter than usual.
When properly installed and leveled, a garage door provides an important barrier to external elements. However, if a leak develops or if the door suddenly doesn’t close evenly, hot and cold air can rush through, making your garage temperature go to extremes, not to mention causing your HVAC system to work harder maintaining your desired temperature inside your home. If you notice a spike in your energy bills, garage door system maintenance or repair may be the remedy. Likewise, if your garage is filled with water after it rains, a leak under or around your garage door seal is likely to blame. Garage door repairs, such as balancing and alignment, can restore the seal and save you money in the long run.

Your Remote Won’t Respond
If your door remote no longer responds consistently, it is time to call us at RL Garage Door Repair. Your garage door opener and remote are programmed to be in tune with each other, so delays in response indicate an issue, even if the remote does eventually open the door. Garage door opener repair services can resolve the issue so your remote works the first time, every time.

Your Garage Door Is Noisy
Has your once quiet garage door started banging, creaking, and popping every time you put it up or down? If so, maintenance or repair may be required. Garage doors are designed to operate quietly, so loud noises may be a sign of a problem with the springs, opener, alignment, or even possibly rust buildup. Getting routine maintenance now and in the future can extend the life of your garage door system.

One if the most important reasons for why garage door system maintenance is necessary is for the safety and security of your family. A garage door that functions properly is the safest, however teaching your kids the right way to treat your garage door system also matters. Whether you’re repairing a garage door or installing a brand new garage door system, follow these friendly tips… Respect the Garage Door Opener  As fun as it may be for young children to watch the garage door go up and down and push the buttons, an opener is never a toy. Not only can playing with the garage door opener cause it to malfunction, but it can also put children and pets in danger of being hit by the door or even trapped underneath. Keep your opener out of the reach of your children, and be sure your push-button wall unit is installed high enough that your kids can’t touch it. If your opener is not working normally, call RL Garage Door Repair to prevent any dangerous malfunctions. Stay Clear of Moving Doors When your garage door is in motion, no one should be near it. Avoid trying to rush under a moving door, even if it is going up. Trying to slip under a moving door is risky for adults and provides children with a dangerous example to follow. Although most garage doors have motion sensors that are supposed to stop the door if there is movement under it, don’t rely on this. Instead, stay clear of the door and watch to make sure the door opens or closes completely when in operation. Please, Don’t Attempt DIY Work Garage door repairs can be dangerous when not handled by a professional. The opener uses electricity, and the door and its parts can be heavy and difficult to maneuver without the proper tools and training. Please, avoid the risk of injury and hire a professional. Hiring a professional can also help you avoid the need for more costly repairs down the road caused by improper or incomplete work. How do I extend the Life of my Garage Door System? Do you know the best ways to keep your garage door operating in great condition throughout the years? The first step is to make sure that you keep up with annual maintenance for your garage door system. This will help to ensure that your garage door performs well throughout its entire life expectancy, each and every season. It is also important to call a professional garage door repair technician at the first sign of a problem, rather than trying to ignore issues or attempting to fix them yourself. Please feel free to share this useful information with your friends, family, and neighbors.

RL Door Solutions gladly to serve anyone who needs garage door services, and we’re respect, appreciate, and love all of our customers very much.!
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We keep our business successful by being honest, knowing our job well and providing best customer service. We arrive to your home to do exactly what your garage door needs, with no upselling or completing unnecessary work. It has been proven that we have the most reasonable prices on the market and we provide seasonal discounts.

We offer a wide variety of garage door system installations & services to our neighbors and community, including…

Spring Repair & Replacement
Garage Door Opener Repair & New System Installation
Garage Door Repair & New Installations
Garage Door System Maintenance
Custom Garage Door Design & Installation
New Remote & Keypad Installation
Gate Installation & Repair
Cement Flooring Repair
Garage Door System Diagnostics Testing

There are many reasons for garage doors to not open or close. One of the reasons here in michigan is that the garage door doesn’t open during the winter, When the weather outside is snowy, an ice layer is formed between the rubber strip in the bottom panel to the ground. And when you try to press the remote/wall button the garage door doesn’t open, because the door sticks to the ground, as a result, the top panel can get bent and split on the middle. In this situation, we do not recommend that you keeps press the button. We do have a solution for it. Boil hot water, and carefully pour the hot water all the way down the bottom panel from both side, wait 3-5 minutes for the ice to thaw, pull the emergency cord and carefully open the door in manual position.

The average cost to install a garage door opener is $349 with most homeowners paying between $349 and $599. They type of opener you install will impact your project cost. Garage openers themselves typically range between $150 to $450, with chain-driven openers priced on the lower end and belt-driven on the higher end.

Your usual wear and tear is going to be the most common reason for a garage door torsion spring to break at any given time. The torsion springs opening and closing your garage door at any given time are in fact under a lot of pressure and so are rated for a certain number of cycles.

To install a single new garage door it should cost between $650 and $950. They demonstrate that the average homeowner can usually tackle such a project in a nine hour time span and a professional will be able to complete it in roughly five hours

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