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Automatic garage door opener installation are a great convenience, but they can also serve as a weak link in your garage door security. Using the best parts will reduce the chance of damage.
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garage door broken spring might happen for a variety of reasons. Extreme heat or cold, stress to the point of breaking, or it could be that normal wear on older garage door springs.
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door off track might happen of reasons: someone accidentally runs into the door and dislodges it, and wear have worn down cables and other mechanisms beyond their use.
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We have only the best garage doors in our arsenal in Michigan that comes from the best manufacturers.garage door installation We supply any type, design, materials or colors that you need. And even customized garage doors.
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Affordable garage door service Meet the skilled team of technicians with years of immaculate experience in garage doors industry! We use only top quality parts american made, and are we have Affordable garage doors to make your garage door safe and comfortable! We’re always in your neighborhood when you need our services. We’re glad to assist you in these tasks.

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We value our clients, that’s why we want to give you this special discount in order for you to use it to make your garage more safe and elegant.

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We are the service that estimates fairly the issues with the door and gives you the precise help you need to make your garage door safe!


Lots of satisfied clients return to our certified service to get preventative maintenance or get help from our skilled garage door technicians!


We guarantee the quality of the work performed. That’s why we’re ready to solve any problem that arose again for free!

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RL garage was fast and fixed me a new and beautiful garage door in one day for a good price too. the technician is very informative so you could make the right choice. Thank you so much for my door. I'm truly enjoying it now

James A.

Very happy with this company,they were willing to come within the hour when I talked to them. The technician explained the problem and replaced the chain without any problems. Definitely will call them again

Lydia D.

Technician came out the same day Thank you RL Door Solutions! You were the first to show up so fast and get my door working again! Joe was quick and honest reasonably priced and reliable. I totally recommend them!

John B.


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Well-trained, our garage door technicians provide superior results at economical rates.  Experienced troubleshooters, they work efficiently to save you money.  We’re known throughout the Michigan area for getting the job done right the first time, to our customer’s complete satisfaction.

Garage Door
Broken Springs

Why Garage Door Springs Break?

garage door broken spring might happen for a variety of reasons. Extreme heat or cold, stress to the point of breaking, or it could be that normal wear on older garage door springs.

Garage Door
Opener Installation

Garage Door
Broken Panel

Garage Door
Naylon Rollers

Garage Door
Off Track

How Do I Get My Garage Door Back On Track?

Pull the outside edge of the track open with a pair of pliers so you can easily get the wheels back on track. Once the door is back on track, knock the track back into position with a rubber mallet. Remove the locking pliers.

Garage Door Remote

Why Does My Garage Remote Not Work?

Your remote battery could be dead, your remote could have lost its programming link to the garage door opener or you could have a defective remote control. ... If not, then the remote battery could be

Garage Door Key-Pad

Garage Door
Rusty Cables

What Causes Garage Door Cables To Break?

Garage door cables work the same way. A lot of little wire cables are wound together to make a stronger, thicker cable. If one of these little cables breaks, it could fray the other little cables around it until the whole thing eventually snaps.

Broken, old drums and
end bearing plates

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