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We will help with all of your garage door needs. We pride ourselves on the dedication we have to all of our customers and the quality of work that we provide. contact us today for quality garage door repair & installation service.

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garage door off track?

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Garage doors fall off their track for a variety of reasons: sometimes someone accidentally runs into the door and dislodges it, and on other occasions time and wear have worn down cables rollers and other mechanisms beyond their use. If your garage door has jumped its track, do not attempt to move the door or reset it on your own. Doing so can be dangerous! Call RL Garage Door Solutions to get your garage door back on track quick.

garage door spring replacement


Garage door springs can break for a variety of reasons. Extreme heat or cold, for instance, can stress the springs to the point of breaking, or it could be that normal wear on older springs could cause them to break. Whatever the situation, a broken spring can render your garage door inoperable. Your door will not be able to open or close when a spring is broken, and you should stand clear of your door until a professional can assess the situation and correct it.

garage door opener installation

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Automatic garage door openers are a great convenience, but they can also serve as a weak link in your garage security. Garage door openers are equipped with an emergency release lever, which usually has a cord hanging down. This lever is largely ignored until such time as you lose power and can no longer open the garage door automatically. Pull the lever down, though, and you can raise the door manually.

just need Remote or KEYPAD?

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Lost your garage door remote? key-pad no longer working? we’ve got the solution for you, we’re proudly serving any makes & model of garage doors & openers, genie, craftsman, chamberlain, lift-master. our vehicles are daily stocked with high quality of parts and accessories and we would be happy to help you today. contact us now for reliable and professional garage door service.

Why Choose RL Door solutions?


We are the #1 garage door repair in Wixom michigan that estimates fairly the issues with the door and gives you the prices up front with no hidden fee, and make sure your satisfied and your garage door work properly!


Lots of satisfied clients return to RL Garage Door Solutions to get annual maintenance and tune-up or get help and support from our skilled garage door technicians and installers!


We guarantee the quality of the work performed. That’s why RL garage door specialist technicians ready to resolve any problem that arose again for your garage door!

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What Our Clients Say

James A.
James A.
Farmington Hills 48335
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RL garage was fast and fixed me a new and beautiful garage door in same day for a good price too. the technician is very informative so you could make the right choice. Thank you so much for my door. I'm truly enjoying it now
Lydia D.
Lydia D.
Novi 48375
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Very happy with this company,they were willing to come within the hour when I talked to them. The technician explained the problem and replaced the chain without any problems. Definitely will call them again
John B.
John B.
Sterling Heights 48311
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Highly recommend!!!! Extremely thorough service. Quality service done quickly. Was able to fit my appointment in within an hour of calling. Can’t recommend enough. Thanks again!
Chris S.
Chris S.
Livonia 48151
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Very Pleased with Joe! Gave me confidence that my door was in good condition and did a simple tune up. Didn’t over sale or pressure anything. Straight to the point and adjust the minor things. Very nice and friendly also.
Sharon H.
Sharon H.
Canton 48187
Read More
RL Garage Doors of Farmington is AWESOME! Professional, knowledgeable and fairly priced! Joe arrived with 30 minutes of my call and had all parts with him to replace the broken springs. He finished and was out of the door within 30 minutes...on a Sunday! I’d called another place and the earliest they could provide service was Tuesday. I will surely recommend Joe and RL Garage Doors to others!!! Thank you Joe!!! I appreciate your service!!!
Ryan O.
Ryan O.
Birmingham 48009
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Joe was fantastic!! Very nice guy, very professional. Showed up on time, did a tune-up for us and also replaced our opener with a much quieter, belt driven one, and it's controllable with an app, very cool!! High quality work, thanks again Joe!!!
Ron F.
Ron F.
Northville 48167
Read More
excellent service, very knowledgeable and on time for appointment. definitely recommend.
Kyle S.
Kyle S.
Bloomfield Hills 48303
Read More
Great job clean neat installer. installer is a great guy. thanks Joe I appreciate the beautification to my house! Looks so much better than the old door on the front of this house now it's beautiful thank you very much and I will refer you to anybody I know that needs a new door.

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Proudly Serving: wixom mi 48393

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Common problems solutions

Well-trained, our garage door technicians provide superior results at economical rates.  Experienced troubleshooters, they work efficiently to save you money.  We’re known throughout the Michigan area for getting the job done right the first time, to our customer’s complete satisfaction.

Broken Spring

Opener Troubleshooting

Broken Panels

Wheels (rollers) Off

Door Off Track

Old Remote

Key Pad Battery

Rusty Cables

Broken, old drums and
end bearing plates

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